A tire is like a french frie. Ok, no one ever says that but consider this. If you owned a restaurant, you wouldn’t have your customers buy a hamburger from you, and then have someone else sell them their fries and a drink, would you? Then why let someone else sell them their tires and wheels? QQuote is the value-add system that your customers and your staff need to maximize your sales and your CSI. If you think QQuote is just another tire quoting app, think again. Let QQuote show you how to immediately add profits to your dealerships bottom-line.

With QQuote, you can:

Tire Quoting for Dealerships
  • increase your tire package and accessory sales 
  • control your profit margins
  • change your pricing and our system automatically updates itself, including showing the new gross profit 
  • access your full inventory of all makes and sizes for tires and rims
  • instantly find the right fitment for any tire or rim for any vehicle 
  • manage all your OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories 
  • integrate into your website and allows for direct consumer sales and ordering 
  • train every department to use QQuote, providing added sales for your sales departments
“It takes mere seconds to generate tire quotes. We are not only just selling tires consistently in parts and service, we are also selling them in the front end of the store because it’s such an easy tool for product advisors to use.” Susan Gubasta – Mississauga Toyota “QQuote dramatically improved the way we sold tires to our customers creating a consistent quoting approach across the dealership (parts, service and sales). QQuote is our “Easy Button” ??? ????? for tire and wheel sales. I highly ?????? ????? recommend it to any dealer who wants to better market their Part and Accessories department.” Jay Yoo – Sherway Nissan