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Some things we’ve learned so far

Many dealers are missing out on estimated $5million over 3 years

  • Dealers think they are really good at selling tires, and yet, on average, fewer than 10% of new car buyers buy their winter tires from the dealer.
  • About 70% of Canadians purchase winter tires. If dealerships only capture 10%, it is no wonder the aftermarket tires shops (Kal Tire, Fountain Tire, Tirecraft, Active Green and Ross) and the big box stores (Walmart, Costco and Canadian Tire) are in the game.
  • Selling winter tires to only 10% of new car buyers results in an estimated $5Million in lost revenue to the fixed ops team (estimate based on a dealership that sells ~1000 cars per year, see image)

Myth: there is no margin in tires

  • Many dealer principals believe that margin in tires is less than 10%.
    If done properly, the profit and margins can be as high as 30%.

2020 Accelerated e-commerce five years into the future

  • There is a growing threat of direct on-line competitors.  On-line tire sales will grow from 6%(2018) to 13%(2023)2
  • Given COVID we are seeing this online sales trend accelerating. If left undefended, dealerships will continue to lose more business to pure-play online tire retailers.  In fall 2020, some QQuote customers saw 12% of their sales come through the web.
  • Little changes can go a long way with increasing online tires and accessories sales.  Simply changing the location of your “buy tires now” button can result in a 30% increase in sales and click through.
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